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Mini Claw Machines

Our mini claw machines require only 1 square foot of space. Bringing joy without being in the way. For our mini claw machines we offer profit sharing

Bulk Vending

We offer many solutions for bulk vending, including Poké Ball dispensers, bulk candy, bulk toys, and Pokémon card dispensers.

Full Line Vending

We offer both snack and drink machines to benefit your customers or employees. We can find the perfect machine for your space.

Mini Claw Machines

Low Energy Use

Our mini claw machines only use about $5 of electricity in a month. Our profit sharing program more than offsets this cost.

Profit Sharing

Our profit sharing program makes your business money while making your customers happy! We share a portion of profits with your business just for hosting our machine.

Different Styles

We carry multiple different styles of mini claw machines. We can find one that fits the atmosphere of your business.

About Skye Vending

We are a family run business dedicated to bringing fun and joy to your customers. Our service is top notch, and we take pride in our machines. We take our business seriously and are licensed and insured. We are owned and operated by a disabled veteran.


How much do your machines cost my buisness?

Are you licensed and insured?

Your machines help local non-profits?

Nothing! They are free to your business. Our mini claw machines are included in our profit sharing program and can actually make your business money! Ask us how!

Yes! We are licensed and carrying general liability insurance on all of our machines.

Yes! We donate a portion of our profits to Rose City Game Organization. A local non-profit dedicated to bringing table-top games to disadvantaged children in our community. Find out more about their mission at:

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